Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Puppy Care

Your puppy's first year and a half in your home will shape the dog he will be as an adult, both in temperament and physical health. Ideally, your new puppy will come to you at the age of eight weeks or older. He should have already received a series of vaccinations for parvovirus, parainfluenza, and distemper, and an initial deworming if necessary. He should be well weaned onto dry puppy food (or whatever his regular diet is going to be), and not fearful or nervous.

Start a file for your dog's information, such as his health records, place of origin, and physical description. You will find that it will come in handy throughout your dog's life.
Puppy Nutrition:
Puppies grow incredibly fast during their first year and a half, so it's no surprise that they use up their bodies' resources quicker than an adult dog would. A growing puppy needs a dog food that has a protein content of at least 28%, and a fat content of 10% or greater (but not more than 18%).
Selecting a Puppy Food:
I'll bet you thought this part would be easy! What your puppy needs from a dog food will vary according to his size as an adult, and as he grows, his overall activity level as a breed.

* What kind of food should I feed my dog?
* Reading Dog Food Labels
* The Dog Food Database of Ingredients and Analysis

If later on, you feel the need to change your dog's usual food, you will need to make the switch to a different food gradually in order to avoid any gastroinestinal unpleasantness.
Puppy Health:
Giving your puppy a healthy start in life will enable him to grow to his full potential. This includes not only regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations, but also making sure his environment is appropriate for a puppy with no self-control, and danger-free. By selecting a veterinarian that you feel comfortable with, you can help ensure that your dog's medical needs will be met.
Typical Puppy Misbehavior:
Puppies are curious, rambunctious, and full of mischief. What they are not, however, is spiteful. If your puppy seems to be doing things in a vengeful manner (chewing your books and shoes, or urinating in the same spot every single day), there is almost always a solid explanation for it.

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